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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Mueller to leave Malaysia Airlines in September

Khazanah Nasional Bhd, which is the sole shareholder of the airline, said on Tuesday it was informed by the MAB board of directors about Mueller's intention to leave.

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia Airlines Bhd CEO and managing director Christoph Mueller will leave his executive position in September 2016. 

Khazanah Nasional Bhd, which is the sole shareholder of the airline, said on Tuesday it was informed by the MAB board of directors about Mueller's intention to leave. 

“The matter has also been discussed and recorded at the Khazanah board of directors meeting earlier today. 

“While we would have wanted Mueller to continue as planned, we also respect and ultimately agree to his decision to leave ahead of the end of his three-year contract, due to a change in his personal circumstances,” it said.

To recap, German-born Mueller is the first non-Malaysian at the helm of the national carrier. 

MAB took off on Sept 1 last year by taking over Malaysian Airline System Bhd operations, including assets and liabilities. 

In an interview with AP early April, Mueller said MAB posted a profit in February - its maiden positive monthly result - and it was on track to return to profitability by 2018.

“For a company that lost RM2bil just last year, if you are able to break even for a month or so, it means the financial gap between revenue and cost has significantly closed, and that is good news that tells us that we are on the right trajectory,” he said in an interview. 

Below is the statement issued by Khazanah:

Khazanah Nasional Berhad (“Khazanah”) has been informed by the Malaysia Airlines Berhad (“MAB”) Board of Directors that CEO and Managing Director Christoph Mueller will leave his executive position in September 2016. The matter has also been discussed and recorded at the Khazanah Board of Directors meeting earlier today. 

While we would have wanted Mr. Mueller to continue as planned, we also respect and ultimately agree to his decision to leave ahead of the end of his three-year contract, due to a change in his personal circumstances. 

Khazanah would like to thank Mr. Mueller for his instrumental contribution in the restructuring efforts, all the while demonstrating strong performance as the person tasked with implementing the turnaround of the national carrier and developing talent for eventual local succession. 

We note that Mr. Mueller has laid the groundwork, put in place a strong management team, and undertaken the necessary measures and initiatives that have produced encouraging signs of progress on Malaysia Airline’s path to recovery, as called for under the five-year 12-point MAS Recovery Plan (“MRP”). 

We also record our appreciation for Mr. Mueller’s commitment to facilitate an orderly transition by serving the full six-month notice period as CEO to September 2016, and beyond that, for his commitment to remain on the MAB Board as Non-Executive Director to see through the leadership transition and continue contributing to the implementation of MRP. 

Khazanah as the sole shareholder of MAB will, in consultation with the MAB Board and the Government, through the Minister of Finance, undertake the succession planning for the new CEO of MAB. 

In accordance with the provisions of and conditions contained in the MRP, the final decision on the new CEO of MAB will be undertaken through all necessary consultation and approvals before the end of Mr. Mueller’s term in September 2016. 

Khazanah notes the implementation of the MRP is on track and on schedule over the 20-month period since its announcement in August 2014. 

Much has been achieved over this period and Mr. Mueller has contributed significantly to its progress to date. 

He has also helped to lay the foundations for a sustained turnaround and in that regard, Khazanah will continue to support and drive the recovery further in the remaining 40 months of the MRP.

Garuda signs $5.75 billion deal with Airbus, Rolls-Royce

Indonesian airline Garuda has signed a 4 billion pound ($5.75 billion) deal with planemaker Airbus and engine-maker Rolls-Royce to upgrade 14 A330 aircraft to the newer A330neo version of the jet, the British government said.
The deal was signed on Tuesday in London on the first day of Indonesian President Joko Widodo's visit to Britain, and announced by Downing Street in a statement which said it would boost Britain's economy .
The wings for Airbus planes are made in Britain and UK firm Rolls-Royce will make and service the engines for the jets.
The A330neo is a more fuel-efficient version of the Airbus A330 long-distance jet with new Trent 7000 engines from Rolls-Royce launched in 2014.

Airbus targets 700 commercial airplane orders

Airbus has told aircraft industry experts that it expects to win 700 orders this year.  According to sources, Airbus executives mentioned the target at a meeting of aircraft value appraisers in Toulouse last week.
In its latest official guidance, parent Airbus Group says it expected orders to exceed deliveries of more than 650 aircraft in 2016.
Airbus sold a gross total of 32 aircraft and delivered 125 in the first quarter, down 74 percent and 7 percent respectively from the same period last year. After adjusting for cancellations, it posted 10 net orders in the quarter, its slowest start to the year since 2011.

Saudia announces new low cost airline, Flyadeel

According to the media reports, the airline is expected to be cost effective.
Aiming to provide low cost air transport, Saudi Arabian Airlines ( Saudia) has announced the establishment of a new airline company, named Flyadeel. According to the media reports, the airline is expected to be cost effective.
Earlier in December, Director General of Saudia Saleh Al-Jasser had said that despite the SR30 increase in the airfares, the airliner's ticket prices are lowest. With the total catalogue value of$ 8.0million, 50 passenger planes from Airbus were ordered by Saudia during the 2015 Paris Air Show.

Malaysia's RayaniAir temporarily suspends operations

RayaniAir has suspended its operations temporarily in order to restructure the airline's management. The airline, in a Facebook posting said: “Hello, RayaniAir Operations has temporarily been suspended in order to restructure its management. We apologise for the inconvenience..”
Rayani Air pilots had reportedly gone on strike on Thursday causing the cancellation of several flights.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Airlines will need 558,000 new pilots over next 20 years: Boeing

New York USA -- Commercial airlines will need to recruit and train 558,000 new pilots over the next 20 years to meet rising travel demand, according to a Boeing forecast released today. About 40 per cent of the new commercial pilots, or 226,000, will be needed in the Asia Pacific region, according to the report.
The demand is similar for airplane maintenance technicians, where there will be a need for 609,000 new hires. Asia Pacific is again home to the biggest portion with 238,000, or 39 percent.
The additional staff will be needed to run a projected 38,000 new aircraft added to the global fleet over the next 20 years, the US aerospace giant said. Boeing has 17 training campuses worldwide.
"The challenge of meeting the global demand for airline professionals will not be solved by one company alone," said Sherry Carbary, vice president of Boeing Flight Services.
"Aircraft manufacturers, airlines, training equipment manufacturers, training delivery organizations, regulatory agencies and educational institutions are all stepping up to meet the increasing need to train and certify pilots and technicians."
Compared with the company's 2014 outlook, pilot demand was up more than four percent and demand for technicians rose about five percent.
After Asia Pacific, North America and Europe were tied for second place in Boeing's latest forecast for pilots, with 95,000 new hires projected over the next 20 years.
They were followed by Middle East (60,000 new pilots), Latin America (+47,000), Africa (+18,000) and Russia/CIS (+17,000).
North America was second as far as new technician staff needed with 113,000, followed by Europe (+101,000), Middle East (+66,000), Latin America (+47,000) and Africa and Russia/CIS (both +22,000)

Friday, July 3, 2015

NEWS: Aerolineas Argentinas pilots fired for letting model take mid-flight pictures in cockpit

An Argentinian airline has fired two pilots after they were pictured taking selfies with a Playboy model in the cockpit mid-flight, the airline said.

Model Viky Xipolitakis posted photos to her Twitter account showing her posing between two smiling pilots with the cockpit controls behind them.

In video obtained by Argentinian news program Telenoche, one of the pilots is seen explaining how various controls work to the model, who appears to be the one taking the video.

She has since apologized via social media but that has not helped save either pilot's job.

Patricio Zocchi Molina and Federico Matias Soaje were fired by Aerolineas Argentinas on June 25, three days after the flight in question, though that may not be the end of their punishment.

"Also criminal proceedings against the above-named and against the passenger involved will be initiated under Article 190 of the penal code for putting the flight’s safety at risk," the Argentinean airline said in a statement.

For her part, Xipolitakis has not taken down the pictures from her Twitter post on the evening of June 24, but has added several statements in Spanish relating to the incident.

"I sincerely and wholeheartedly did not imagine I could cause this much damage," she wrote in one of the posts.
The photos taken on-board. (Twitter: @VXipolitakisOK)
"With respect to the extraordinary flight, being there was an unforgettable and beautiful experience, I never thought there would be this much fuss," she wrote in Spanish.

The airline, which referred to her only as "the passenger," stated that she will be banned from both Aerolineas and Austral flights for the next five years.

The Federal Aviation Administration has no jurisdiction in this matter, since the airline in question is an Argentinian company that handles domestic flights in Argentina, but the agency does have specific rules when it comes to pilots using handheld devices.

Commercial pilots are not allowed to use personal wireless devices "while at their duty station" and it is only allowed if "directly related to operation of the aircraft, or for emergency, safety-related, or employment-related communications," according to the FAA regulations. That said, these rules do not apply to anyone occupying the jumpseat.

"The FAA is unaware of incidents of pilots violating the regulation," a FAA spokesman said in a statement, referring to carriers over which the agency has jurisdiction.